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We, at Font Generator, are committed to safeguarding your personal information. We understand that you entrust us with this data when viewing our website or using our services, and we take this responsibility very seriously. That’s why we have created a font generator privacy policy to outline how we collect, store, use, and protect your about info. In this blog post on font copy and paste, we’ll break down how this policy works and what it means for you as a user of Font Generator.

TOnline font generator is a great resource for anyone who needs a unique typeface quickly and without hassle. But when you use a font generator, do you know what kind of data is being collected about you? Do the companies behind these services have proper privacy policies in place for your data? In this blog post, we'll explore what kind of information font generator companies collect and store and how they protect it. We'll also take a look at some of the company's privacy policies so that you can be sure your data is secure when using their services. Read on to learn more.

Do you make bespoke fonts for your projects using a font generator? If so, you should be informed of the potential privacy implications. In this blog post, we'll look at privacy concerns and how to protect you when utilizing a font generator. We'll look at why a font generator might acquire personal information from users, as well as what type of data is collected. We'll also go through precautions you may take to protect your privacy while using a font generator. Finally, we will emphasize the significance of reading and comprehending the font generator privacy policy before joining up or making any payments.


You are hereby agreed to our Privacy Policy by using

What we’re collecting?

Whenever you’re asked for personal information, we will make sure to clear everything about the reason that why are you asked about. Any how if you and us both contact directly we get some info like Name, Email Address, Content written inside mail or any other attachment with the mail. After this, if we started to register account then we need some info to register yourself on like First Name, last name, Email Address, Phone number and Postal Address etc.

The Way we Use Your Info.

The information we collected from you will be used in the following ways:

Logging Files

All hosting companies include log files as these are the parts of hosting service like analytics. Various information collected through log files include IP (Internet Protocol) Addresses, type of browser being used, ISP (Internet Service Provider) information, date and time of visit and can also count the number of click possibly. All the above-mentioned information is not associated with the personal information that can be identifiable. The only purpose of collecting this information is administering the website, analysis of trends also to track the users’ visit on site and to get demographic type of information.


Same like other websites which are online on internet, we also collecting cookies information. Cookies include user preferences, or the webpages or website the user accessed in past. It is used to enhance user experience on website according to the users’ interests and by customizing our page according to the users’ browser type.

Note: Some Advertising Agencies on our site also uses cookies, each advertiser has its own privacy policy. Online Only

Our privacy policy concerns only with our online visitors on our site and only valid for them, it is not applicable on information gathered offline via any channel.