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You are confirming that you are in consent with and limited by the terms of service mentioned in the Terms & Conditions that are outlined below by accessing and placing an order. The following part contains a list of these definitions. These terms pertain to your use of the entire website, as well as any email correspondence or other form of communication that you may have.

This provision shall apply even if a team or the potential has been disclosed to an authorized agent damages.

If you make use of our materials in any way, shape, or form, we cannot be held accountable for any consequences that may result. We reserve the right to make any necessary price adjustments and to modify the policies governing the utilization of available resources at any time.


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Your criticism, remarks, ideas, suggestions, or enhancements (collectively, "Suggestions") regarding the service will remain our sole as well as exclusive property. Without giving you credit or receiving any payment from you, we are free to use, copy, alter, publish, or share the Ideas for any reason and in any manner.

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We have modified our Terms and Conditions to offer you full visibility into what is being established when you view using our site. This change was made to provide you with more information about our site. You are indicating your assent to our Terms and Conditions when you make use of our service, create an account, or buy from us.

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There is a possibility that our Service will include connection links to external, third-party services. You'll be redirected to their website third party. Reviewing the Terms and Conditions of each website that you access is something that we strongly recommend doing. Because we don't handle administration these resources, we cannot guarantee their quality or security or have any control over their content, Terms, and Conditions, or practices.


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Changes to Our Terms & Conditions

You acknowledge that we, in our sole discretion, may sole discretion, our sole discretion, to cease offering the Service for you or to users usually with or without advance notification. When you cease using the Service, you are not required to tell us specifically. You understand and agree that, if we restrict access to your account, you might not be able to access the Service, your account information, or any files or additional materials that are stored there. If we decide to alter our terms and conditions.

Modifications to Our service

We reserve the right to change, stop, or end the service—or any service to which it connects—temporarily or long-term, with or without warning, and without holding you responsible.

Updates to Our service

We may occasionally offer upgrades or improvements to the service's features or capabilities, which may include patches, problem fixes, updates, upgrades, and other alterations. Certain service features and/or capabilities may be changed or eliminated by updates.

Keep enabling or giving you access to any specific service features or functionalities. You also concur that all Updates will be

Thought of as a crucial part of the business and subject to this tournament's conditions and restrictions.

Third-Party Services

Links to external websites or resources as well as third-party content (such as data, knowledge, applications other goods. You understand and consent that we are not in charge of any Third-Party Solutions, including their accuracy, fullness, timeliness, acceptability (in terms of morality, lawfulness, property compliance, etc.), excellence, and another element thereof.

For any Third-Party Services, we do not presume and will not be responsible for or liable to you in any way other person or entity. Links to third-party services are only provided as a convenience to you; you access and use them completely at you do so at your peril and by the conditions terms set forth by any applicable outside partners.


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Without any explicit or implicit warranties of any kind, we make no do not distribute the material that is available by third parties rather, we distribute it. Because of this, we have no editorial control over the content and make no claims or warranties about the reliability, accuracy, or correctness of any information, content, service, or product made available through or accessible through our Service.

Without limiting the aforementioned, We expressly disclaim any guarantees and pictures, including but not limited to, any implicit guarantees of suitability, fitness for a particular purpose, or not infringing of third-party rights, about any content transmitted on or in connection with our Service or any external services that might be referenced via our Service.

No oral or written information provided by us or any of our associates, staff members, executives, directors, representatives, or others creates something along the same lines as a warranty. Information regarding prices and availability is open to change without prior notification. Without restricting the aforementioned, we do not guarantee that our Service will be timely, error-free, continuous, or uncorrupted.

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