Small Text Generator

Small text generator allows you to create text in a small font. It allows you to select the style you want for your text in seconds.

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How does the small text generator work?

This small letter font generator works on the basis of Unicode. To create small text for Instagram or any platform’s descriptions, posts, status, stories or anything you enter your original text into the given box. You will see once you enter your text in the bar three different small font styles are offered. The three styles offered are based on encodings done. You can copy any of the styles you want to generate a small letter font and then can paste on any social media networking websites. The text you copy is not truly a font. It somehow appears to be.

Unicode Details

As a small text generator is based on a Unicode character set thus it's important how the tool actually works. The text we create is because of the encoding language the computer understands. The computer language is different. Every single letter you enter on this small text generator is recognized by a certain character coding algorithm. It might not seem easy but it's practical now because everything that a computer takes is in the form of coding.

Coding For Small Letter Generator

This small text generator deals with three specific font encodings. There are more as well. But the major is the following

  • Small Caps
  • Superscript
  • Subscript

These three fonts usually are preferred while styling small font letters. Unicode might skip encoding for a few alphabets. It might be because of a book rule followed for computer understanding. But that's not an issue while using our small text generator by

Websites Limitations

You can copy the text to any media website that supports such fonts. It might happen sometimes that a few website owners may not allow you to paste such content to their website. It might be because they don't want any strange or different text on their website. However, the frequently used platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter don't block users from copying such text because the users are from all around the world.